The divorce between parents often leaves children in the middle of nowhere. On the one hand, faced with the consequences of being the eye of the judicial storm, they will also be the first to bear the brunt when it subsides. Parents who separate after years of marriage often have one or more children. During their years together, the child had many relationships such as grandparents, uncles, aunts, and siblings, among others. 

With the technical and legal expertise of an Erie custody attorney, there is no harm to the child. They can enjoy visiting each other from time to time and enjoy their own status and life regardless of their parents' choices. You can get details on a child custody attorney in Erie at

The Erie custody attorney is the one who can act on behalf of the client but offers the best for the child. Therefore, this convincing result is only possible if the professional experience of the lawyer matches the motives and understanding of the parents.

There is consensus on the rights and access to extended families of grandparents and other relatives who meet with children; This will help maintain the normal life of the children and allow them to have a better environment even after the separation of the parents.

Even if the husband and wife are not compatible, the lawyer ensures that both parents have equal access to the child. Visiting rights are granted to parents who live far from their children.

Likewise, financial issues are an important aspect of a divorce settlement. Child support and child support are required and must be paid to the parent, who is the sole guardian of the child at all times.