Surgeons should try to remove almost all cancers and still leave something behind for the liver to function properly. The low incidence of this type of cancer allows a liver transplant because it cannot be removed because of its location or the fact that there is not enough liver left.

Some liver care plans include the following:

o Surgery

Is liver cancer remediable? Yes, the advancements by clinical trials offers an opportunity for healing. This is done either for a liver transplant or to remove a tumor. Obviously, complete removal of the liver is not possible, and if the cancer is large it is usually in a different location or even outside the liver. 

o Tumor ablation

Ablation refers to topical treatments that destroy tumors without actually removing them. This type of treatment can be done in several ways and is done for those who have small tumors that cannot be removed surgically.

o Radiation

High energy rays (X-rays) are used to kill cancer cells and even shrink tumors. In this way cancer cells can be destroyed. Since this process can also kill liver tissue, the dose may not be too high. This treatment cannot cure cancer, but it can be used to shrink liver tumors and relieve acute pain in patients.

o Targeted therapy

New drugs today target changes in cancer-causing cells. These drugs do not work like chemotherapy drugs and have fewer side effects. They enter the bloodstream and penetrate throughout the body, making them useful in treating liver cancer and other cancers that are localized in distant organs.