The amount of approaches to put money into petroleum is staggering, representing oil's deep integration with several aspects of the economy: industry, transportation, energy generation, food production. Let us look at some of the more common methods investors can begin in oil.

Managed Funds For Oil?

Among the easiest methods to entangle your cash with oil would be to pick a mutual fund that specializes in it. You can do the investment in oil via

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Areas of specialization disagree, from the comparatively high-risk funds which invest in exploration for new oil residue into the comparatively conservative funds which deal right in oil stocks.

The real advantage of this method is that you can get detailed information before throwing your money in, by contacting the fund you are interested in and requesting a prospectus.

Inside you will find analysis of the fund performance in relation to benchmark funds, and general information about the fund's philosophy and investing style.

A few general words about commodities. Perhaps the most risky, and conversely the most potentially profitable oil investment, is oil futures trading. A futures contract is an agreement to buy so many barrels of oil, at a set price, on a set date.

If you know the price of oil is going to be way up a year from now, but you can lock in today's prices with a future contract – well, you see how it could work.