Pharmaceutical companies fight for FDA's approval by providing it with millions of dollars and all in an effort to obtain their diet pills to be accepted. However, they are not the only ones. 

FDA is available for purchase at a price that is too high – and often it is. There have been a number of FDA accepted diet drugs that caused many deaths which could have been prevented. You can get more details on selitrectinib Food and Drug Administration approval from various online resources.

When they pulled their FDA-cleared diet drug off the shelves, a number of lawyers began putting up ads to represent everyone who suffered serious injuries from the unfortunate FDA accepted diet pills Phen-Fen. 

But who are you suing? The FDA who omitted the initial research findings and the doctors who prescribed the medication, or clinics that dispensed the drug? 

Should we blame society or the media for inventing untrue notions of beauty that men and women flock to their doctor in hoping for a miracle medication that can transform them into "acceptable?" What about the media that has pushed the product to the max? Where is the buck to stop?

The FDA as well as their "researchers" who carry out"studies "studies" for the FDA accepted diet tablets. The FDA must be held to account since it is the only one that affirmation on all drugs. 

It is the duty of the FDA to have its own independent group of scientists (if there is such a group) to confirm the reliability of the studies performed by doctors.