Federal law requires all U.S. government contractors and subcontractors to purchase workers compensation insurance for all employees working overseas. 

The defense base act was created for this purpose. It provides protection to workers to compensate US government hired civilians for public works, military bases, or national defense. This law is specifically designed to protect defense company employees who suffer because of the course of work.

defence base act

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Benefit Coverage

Individuals working under contract with the United States government abroad qualify for DBA gains. The Kind of therapy and advantages qualified employees should expect from that legislation include:

Medical advantages- Employees can get the medical treatment done by the doctor of their choosing under the defense base act. The medical care has to be about the job injury or sickness, and the DBA will generally pay the expenses for your treatment for so long as it's required.

Disability advantages- In the event the worker is too hurt to go back to work, then he might be eligible to obtain disability benefits under the DBA. The action provides temporary partial and total disability in addition to permanent partial and total disability.

Passing advantages- The DBA provides payment to the funeral costs for a worker killed on the job. Furthermore, benefits are paid to the surviving spouse or kids.

Vocational rehab- Individuals that are permanently disabled due to work-related mishaps and are not able to go back to work without help may receive vocational rehabilitation under the DBA.