Regular vehicle maintenance is an important part of preventive maintenance, which ensures the safety and good operating conditions. Whether you own a BMW, Mercedes, or Audi, following the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule means your car is much less likely to disappoint you and help you maintain your value while you sell. You can also discover the best BMW maintenance in Belgium (also known as the " BMW onderhoud in Belgi " in the Dutch language) through the internet.

The service often includes the following aspects: changing engine oil and oil filter, checking brake fluid/coolant / power steering, checking lighting/signaling/brakes/clutch, on-board diagnostic analysis, changing air/spark plugs.

These inspections usually cover maintenance and safety requirements and, because of the complexity of today's vehicles, are best performed by a factory-trained mechanic. Another breakdown of service details will outline the benefits of some of these areas.

The engine oil life cycle and filter change depend on the type of oil used. Modern oils have evolved from mineral oils to semi-synthetic to fully synthetic oils. Synthetic-based oils typically last longer than older mineral types and offer greater engine protection.

The fluid levels for the braking, steering, and cooling systems should be checked as part of the maintenance and increased if necessary, but should also be checked by the owner from time to time. Lack of engine coolant can cause significant engine damage, from the head gasket to the large end (this will require an engine replacement!). Lack of brake fluid or power steering also creates problems with the control system, which is of course very important to the driver's safety.

Almost all modern vehicles have integrated electronics that can contain functions for automatic diagnosis. A well-equipped service shop can connect to this system and receive information on regular or upcoming problems that have occurred since the last servicing, providing an additional layer of security and monitoring.

These are some of the many reasons why you should carefully choose an auto repair shop and employ trained professionals with access to the knowledge and tools to perform safe car service for you.