There are many different types of flashlights available, each designed for different purposes. The tactical flashlight is one of the most common. This tactical flashlight is used by a specific group of people, such as soldiers, search and rescue team members, police officers, and security officers in large buildings or areas. This flashlight looks cool and becomes the centre of attraction everytime, so get yours today!!

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The specifications of a tactical LED flashlight are usually listed on the box or advertisement. If you don't know what elements a tactical flashlight has, it is worth knowing:

It is a lightweight, strong material. The box will usually say anodized aluminum. These lights can be used for many purposes, including blinding an attacker or illuminating a house with blinding smoke.Capacity for high lumens (beam output), usually between 150-200 lumens.

Additional specifications include a flat bottom to hold the flashlight upright, anti-rolling shape in the middle and a magnet that can be used to attach the flashlight to any metal surface. Many tactical flashlights have additional features that allow you to mount them on your guns, such as tools and mounting hardware.

Because of its many specifications, tactical LED flashlights are usually more expensive than regular flashlights. This type of flashlight can be used for many purposes. If you're a civilian being attacked on the streets by an assailant, the flashlight can be used to blind him/her before they escape or reach for your mace. To scare someone, blind them with your flashlight if you see them playing with their parked car.