Airsoft games are live action games that are quite similar to the game of paintball. However, in this game, instead of painting, people used plastic pelts to "shoot" the opposite team members to eliminate them.

Therefore, airsoft guns are the most important part of these games. Even though the guns are essentially harmless, manufacturers ask players to treat them like real guns at all points in time.

You can also buy electric airsoft pistols online.

Since they bear a stark resemblance to real firearms, any unaware person can mistake them for real, thus eliciting panic. So the first thing to do before getting to know about the game and the guns is to follow the safety issues regarding these weapons.

Now let's take a gander at all there is to know about such guns.

What are the different kinds of guns?

Primarily, these guns can be categorized into the following groups-

  • Spring-powered guns:

These are traditional Airsoft weapons. They can only fire one bullet at a time and are manual. Since they are cheaper and don't require any additional factors like batteries, veteran players still prefer them over others.

  • Battery-powered guns:

Battery-powered or electrically charged guns have the most diverse range regarding power. The manufacturers have made these in the replicas of ARs, AKs, Kalashnikovs, and other high-powered guns.

These are essentially spring ones, but use batteries to operate the springs, making them more convenient for the games.