You have been looking at the various materials used to make pocket knives. It compiled a list of the most common materials that are used in pocket knives and fixed-blade knives. This will help potential knife buyers to identify the most popular materials when choosing the right knife for them.

G-10 This material is made from laminated fiberglass. Fiberglass is made from fiberglass sheets soaked in resin, heated up, and then compressed. Fiberglass is very strong and lightweight. You can also buy pocket knife via

G-10 material can also be made with a checker pattern to enhance its grip and appearance. Because of its strength, durability, and toughness, this material is ideal for fixed-blade knives.

BONE This material is inspired by the appearance of bones from dead animals. Bone material can be dyed in a variety of colors and has a unique texture. Most pocket knives are equipped with bone handles.

STAG – This material looks similar to deer antlers. It has a classic look because it is usually burnt. The stag handle is a beautiful material that gives pocket knives a rustic appearance. 

MICARTA – This material is made from micarta, a high-pressure laminate. Micarta is made in the same manner as G-10 material. Micarta industrial laminates can be made from epoxy, silicone, or other resins, and reinforced with fiberglass or other substrates. 

The material is extremely strong and dense under heat and pressure. The final product will have a smooth finish. These knives are more expensive because of the labor involved. Micarta is a soft material and should be treated to avoid scratches.