Pricing is one of  the major things that should be considered before anyone decides to buy hard drives; either SSD or HDD. When it comes to the price of the SSD and HDD, SSD costs more. 

The price of Solid State Drive (SSD) per GB is $0.80 whereas for Hard Disk Drives (HDD) per GB, it is just $0.04. You can also buy 1tb nvme SSD through online sites.

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In terms of speed SSD is based on the flash memory design and they are able to copy, paste and delete the data quickly as compared to HDD. The speed of sequential read/write operation for SSD ranges from 300 to 500 MB/s whereas the speed to complete the same task for HDD ranges from 100 to 160 MB/s which is quite low.

The Input/Out Operations Per Second (IOPS) measures the random read/write speeds of the hard drives. If a hard drive has higher IOPS numbers then it will be more responsive and will be able to multitask better.

Well, the speed of random read/writes operation for SSD ranges from 20,000 to 100,000 IOPS whereas the speed to complete the same task for HDD ranges from 75 to 100 IOPS only. Overall, SSD is better than HDD when it comes to the read/write speed.

The SSD does not have any moving parts so it is noiseless and also doesn't get heated up while using it. However, HDD with higher speed gets noisy because of the moving discs. Such discs also cause HDDs to heat up when it is used continuously. So, SSD can be used easily in quiet spaces.