If you care about your environment and have been tired of using fluorescent lights or halogen lights, then you might just need to change. LED tube lights are a better choice than the traditional light sources that we all use.

Well, they are more economical, energy-saving, saving power, lowering our electricity bills and moreover get dangerous fluorescent or potentially dangerous incandescent lights from our lives forever. Getting LED lights installed is the best way to save money and become green to protect your own earth and life too.

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Indian LED industry to hit Rs 21,600 cr by 2020

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Come to the installation and fixture LED tube lights, now how you will do this rather complicated. You can’t get the LED lights that are fixed to the same fixture that you might have for the previous neon lights. Installation of LED lights will require a number of modifications that are definitely done around the neon light fixture for sure. So when you want to fix the LED light into the same fixture of neon light, the first thing you need to do will decide on a starter connection.

Keep in mind that the LED tube lights you want to install have the same shape and size as the fixture that has been transferred in your home. You can easily find tube lights of the same size on the market and it will save the hassle to get new equipment transferred for the installation of LED tube lights.