Timber roof panels require a slightly different method of framing than traditional roofs. In addition to standard girders or frames, you will need to attach what is called girts. You can find the best-graded timber wall frames at Heydenframeandtruss.com.au for timber frame construction.

Girts are installed two inches by four of the wood in a continuous straight line perpendicular to the beam frame at intervals of two feet with one at the top and one at the bottom of the roof edge and two feet or less in between. 

The timber roof panels extend through the ropes and straps providing a convenient location for securing the panels. If the panels are not long enough to cover the entire roof, they can be placed on top of the other and the overlapping sealants will ensure a very strong roof. 

The timber panels are usually installed with ring nails and rubber seals to protect the nail holes from seeping water. Screws are often used because they won't pull or loosen over time. It costs a few bucks more but takes much less maintenance later.

Mushroom seals are also available for both ends of the timber poles where they sit on the edge of the beam or panel and for each sheet made. They are very cheap and there is no need to cut to order some kind of wooden tape to seal the edges of the sheet.