Bed bugs are an interesting example of how a seemingly harmless species can travel the world and take the form of a pest in a country where they are not even found. Without natural predators in this part of the world, their population is increasing every year, destroying crops and affecting everyday life with their smelly presence.

These stink bugs are active from early spring to late fall, and their colors change with the years. They are usually light green in summer but turn a brownish-gray as the temperature gets colder.

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They show good resistance to common insecticides and have a very high prevalence, which makes the fight against odors a very tedious business. A vacuum cleaner is a very effective way of getting rid of any insects that enter your home. However, be careful when handling vacuum bags.

This won't kill the insects, but annoying them enough, they will release their scent, rendering the whole exercise useless. You need to be very quick to get rid of the vacuum cleaner bugs.

Prevention is always better. You need to inspect your home and seal any cracks that could cause damage. The exterior foundations, walls, windows and sills, doors, and basements should be thoroughly inspected for possible entry points. However, if you already have a serious infection, it is best to contact a professional to get rid of bed bugs.