A university statistics professor was struck by how many children drown in swimming pools. After a detailed scientific study, he concluded: "If you own both a gun and a swimming pool in your backyard, the pool is about 100 times more likely than a gun to kill a child."

Drowning is the leading cause of accidents in children worldwide resulting in serious injury and death. Thousands of tragic events with swimming pools underline the sad fact that children and swimming can be a very dangerous combination. Here are some simple tips you can use to reduce your risk. You also buy COEGA pool shoes via Coegawear

Slips And Falls

Many children were injured when slipping and falling on wet tiles or concrete around the pool. Have your child wear non-slip swimming shoes when they are around and even in the pool.

In View

Don't let your child swim alone without adult supervision. People must be there and ready to help when needed.

Does Your Pool Have A Fence?

Cover your pool with a fence at least four feet high and a lockable gate. Do not leave the pool open and accessible because children can enter. In many communities, fences around ponds with lockable gates are required by law.

Life Saver

You should ensure there is always a lifesaving flotation device handy, such as; a lifesaver ring or foam flotation device near the pool. This could be very handy if an adult happens to be around to help rescue a child from the edge of the pool.