For many reasons, Okinawa is a popular destination for Japanese tourists. Therefore, it might not surprise that Okinawa has more Japanese tourists than Hawaii.

Okinawa is the name of the group of islands. It was also used as a collective name for the many islands that make up the island group to the south of Japan. There are many islands in Okinawa, and they are waiting for adventurous tourists to discover them. If you are one of them then you can explore all the fun tourist destinations on this website and plan your holidays accordingly.

Beaches in Okinawa

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While some islands will have many of the same amenities as the islands on mainland Japan, others are a natural paradise where there are few to no humans. It all is available on Okinawa's islands, from lush jungles to bustling nightlife.

Understanding Okinawa's history is one way to better understand its modern culture. The islands of Okinawa used to be known as the Island Kingdom of Ryukyu. It is believed that the Ryukyu kingdom was once a tributary state under imperial China. 

The US military established numerous bases on Okinawa islands after World War II. Even though the islands are now considered part of Japan, there are still US military bases. This has one positive result, at least for international tourists: Okinawa is home to a large number of English-speaking people. Although Okinawa's tourism industry is primarily Japanese, it makes the experience much more enjoyable for tourists from Japan.