There are many reasons why people end up investing in a pop up canopy. Usually it's because of some outdoor event like a party or maybe a craft show. Of course there are always the standard uses like camping and family trips to the beach, but when you're talking about the need for shade, the uses are endless. 

The most common uses of these units would be at some outdoor function like a wedding, party, or craft show; basically, any setting which requires some sort of covering from the elements. 10×10 Custom Pop Up Tent are generally made up of a highly durable material with solid frames to withstand the rigors of setting up and tearing down.

For people who live in areas of high winds or frequent rain, the pop up canopy can almost be used as a make-shift shelter. Most of these are not only water-resistant, but in some cases they are completely waterproof. This is a big plus when you're caught in an unexpected thunderstorm out camping. 

Being waterproof is a great plus, but on the flip side, being fire resistant is also a standard feature of most canopies. Simply put, most consumers who purchase a pop up canopy are doing so because of the need for shade.