Have you ever tried wearing a personalized face mask? You would be wrong to think this is only for those who play sports. Normal people without athletes can use it to correct the intentional or unintentional gnashing of teeth that usually occurs at night.

You can also use it when you want to do physical activities that can cause severe trauma to your gums and teeth. In general, custom mouthguards can differ from others in terms of type and price. The cheapest and most common type you can find at drugstores and sports stores is the disposable version. It is also known as a finished mouthguard.

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As the name suggests, it comes in small, medium, and large sizes and can be thrown away quickly after a single use. Responsible for this disposable function is the non-standard materials used in its manufacture.

However, some buyers choose to use it before throwing it away just to get the most out of their money. Dentists recognize that using this type brings not only discomfort but also minimal protection to anyone who wears it. Despite this fact, many people buy it without a prescription because of its availability and availability.

The specially made mouthguard is the opposite of the first type. They are more expensive and are only available after assessment and measurement by a dentist. The procedure begins with the dentist making a putty mixture that will be used to make the impression.