So who are all these people betting on? There are several reputable companies that people use. Here is a list of some of them.

TAB Sportsbet – This agency was once owned by the government – ​​which was sold to a private organization about 20 years ago. They have stores in 3 major cities Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. They are also less present in other states. In addition to retail stores, this agent also allows its customers to gamble online.

Sportsbet – One of the fastest growing sports betting companies in Australia. Their TV and Internet marketing has attracted thousands of subscribers in recent years. You can hop over to this website for horse race betting.

Centrebet – Alongside the success of Sportsbet, Centrebet has also run successful marketing campaigns which have attracted thousands of customers over the last few years. They are highly involved in online social media and constantly engage their customers with free contests and giveaways.

Sportingbet – The world’s largest sports betting agency, operating in the UK and Australia.

It is important to know the big and reputable sports betting agencies to know who to look out for. I would be very much against investing your money in smaller betting shops. Sometimes you don’t see the money you invest come out, even if you win.

Placing your bets with one of the four major sports betting agencies mentioned above, or any other major in Australia, means you are treated fairly.