Do you need to use or wear personal protective equipment while working? Whether you work, are contracted, or are self-employed for someone else, it is important that you understand the current legal requirements for the supply and use of PPE equipment. The first requirement, which everyone should understand well, is that in any of the above situations, the employer is fully responsible for providing adequate personal protective equipment.

Too often there are instances where an employer will attempt to refrain from providing equipment, or at least paying for it, but is otherwise a serious violation of applicable health and safety laws in the workplace. To get more information about PPE Kits, you can  subscribe to our newsletter.

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It is quite clear that in many situations, PPE equipment or clothing is worn, damaged, or contaminated and may no longer provide the required level of safety or protection. Employees must know how to properly evaluate clothing or equipment before using it and what to do if the equipment or clothing fails the evaluation. 

Employers' failure to implement procedures, training and audits make them liable for the compensation claimed as a result of an accident or injury and this may be far more costly and damaging than spending more time and money doing it right the first time.

If you are an employer and unsure of your responsibilities, it is important to seek professional help and advice immediately. If you as an employee have concerns about the cost of purchasing personal protective equipment or believe that the equipment provided is inappropriate or that the training provided is inadequate, this should be reported as a problem immediately, possibly to your union.