Round tables look stylish and are space savers. Because of its shape, this type of table can actually provide more seating options than square or rectangular varieties, as well as provide more surface room for the actual table.

But, when you choose round tables, a very important question you need to consider is how many people are going to be seated at those tables.

Round tables that you rent should properly fit with the silverware or flatware and it should be easy to serve the people without any difficulty. You can also choose the Best Bar Rentals, Vancouver at Can-West Display.

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Based on the size of the table you can decide how many people can comfortably sit. For example: tables that are 5-feet can accommodate 10 guests comfortably and for 6t foot tables, 12 guests can likely be seated around the tables. Don't try to accommodate more people at a table as it can lead to discomfort issues.

Usually table rentals in Los Angeles come with steel or wood finish. You can either consider a round table with single middle leg or with four legs. Finding the style that matches the decoration of your party is fairly easy and will finish up complimenting the space, and they are a nice change from the traditional square and rectangle dining table.