Research has shown that people learn better when they are taught in a variety of media, including text, audio and visual. Whiteboard animation, also known as sketch videos', "video scribing", "doodle video", "sketch cartoon videos" and 'fast hand drawing," is a very effective visual media. There is always something on the screen.

This is made even more powerful when the images are chosen to reinforce the message. Whiteboard animation videos have been around since the 1970s, but it was only recently that the public became aware of them through a series of UPS TV commercials. This article will help you discover more about whiteboard animation and how it helps businesses thrive.

The whiteboard animation was done in a complicated way back then. First, the artist created the image on the camera. Next, smart editing was used to get the final result. 

This requires many people and hours. Only large companies such as UPS can afford to do this. Technology has made this possible. The software has been developed that automates creating whiteboard animations, making it affordable for both individuals and businesses.

This has led to more businesses being aware of the potential for video marketing. A picture is worth thousands of text words, according to them. This is true if the image concisely summarizes data or elicits an emotion in the viewer. This is why whiteboard animation can be so powerful if it is well prepared. The animation presents multiple images and is enhanced by movement.