If you have been accused of possessing or selling drugs, you will need a good drug crime attorney. This type of legal representative can reduce the sentence, or even dismiss your case altogether, avoiding all penalties. Get an idea of the types of cases these lawyers work with before deciding whether or not one will be a good fit for your case.

Most people are accused of possessing drugs, usually in small quantities. For you to be found guilty of this charge, you need to prove that you were possessing or carrying the substance and that you knew what it was at the time. Of course, it must also be shown that it was a drug, as some legal substances can be confused for illegal Drug Crimes.

 If there is any doubt that these points are true, a drug crime attorney may be able to reduce the charges or throw them out altogether.

Furthermore, the intent to sell is slightly different from actually selling the drugs, as the penalties can be harsher with subsequent charges. If it can be shown that you distributed illegal substances before you were caught, it's a good idea to get a lawyer. He or she may be able to devise a defense for you that at least reduces the sentence, as punishments often include years of imprisonment.