You may be eligible to apply for a Partner Visa if your Australian Partner is located in Australia. The Partner migration stream allows spouses or partners of Australian permanent residents or residents to apply for temporary visas that could lead to permanent residency.

The Department of Home Affairs has many criteria. One of the most important is the ability to show evidence of a continuing, genuine, selective, and veritable relationship. A temporary partner visa is granted to qualified applicants. The visa can be extended for a period of 2 years. Only applicants who are in a true relationship for at least 2 years will be granted for a permanent partner visa or spouse visa – AustraliaMigrate.

How to Apply for a Partner Visa to Australia from India?

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Types of partner visas:


The Partner visa subclass permits a spouse, partner, or de facto partner to apply for temporary Australian residency. This visa subclass provides temporary residence in Australia. It includes study and works rights until permanent residency is granted (subclass 100/801). Most people receive the permanent component within two years of their application submission.


This visa is the permanent version (Subclass 309/820), and it is typically granted to partners who already have a provisional visa. If the application includes sufficient evidence of a genuine relationship, this visa is usually granted. To be granted this visa, you must be continuing to be in a real relationship with the partner who sponsored your provisional visa. This visa holder has permanent residency rights and can live in Australia.