If you are planning to buy a dual battery system to improve the performance of your electric battery, this article will help you a lot. Here we discuss the most important points you should consider before buying a dual system.

This system can increase the power reserve by 12 volts. Usually made by adding another battery in parallel to the main drive battery. You can also find the right dual battery system for your car through the web.

Portable Power

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This system ensures reliable and safe charging of the solar module battery. However, below are some common mistakes that you should avoid to ensure a trouble-free dual battery. 

Do not mix two different batteries. Special batteries for specific functions. Before buying a battery pack, do your research and buy the product. 

  • Don't leave your parallel battery unprotected. This can be an invitation to serious trouble. This increases the risk of a short circuit. Always use 100 amps in series with the positive wire on each mix for a secure connection.

  • Never leave a connected battery permanently attached to an enhancement. This is not a good idea. This drains your battery and leaves you and your vehicle locked out. 

  • Another thing you can do is install a voltage-sensitive relay. It only connects the batteries when the drive battery is charging and automatically shuts off any voltage that drops below a certain value.

The dual battery system has several big advantages. First of all, it offers better consistency to start with. This is obtained from the power allocated to drive the motor.