VSLs, or video sales letters for short, are a form of marketing that has been in existence for as long as products have been being sold. Although the delivery method has changed, the goal remains the same: to sell the product to the consumer.

Technically, sales letters are not always videos. It may seem strange that before television was widely adopted and advertising via TV commercials became a common practice, door-to-door salesmen used to be a part of everyday society.

We will not only explain what video sales letter is, but also how they can be used to increase sales and take your product to the next level.

What is a video sales letter?

A video sales letter can be used to influence potential customers to purchase a product or use a service using proven marketing techniques. You can make them as short as a few minutes or as long as you want. VSL videos can be as short as a few minutes long or as long and detailed as you like. These steps will be covered in greater detail later.

Sales letters were letters that were written up and sent to potential customers. They praised the benefits of certain products. The evolution of sales letters can be seen from salespeople traveling to infomercials, commercials on television and radio, and now to online videos. You can still find form letters in direct mail advertising, such as coupon books and solicitation campaigns.

It isn’t enough to simply throw a bunch of facts, or statistics, at the viewers of your video sales letter. You need to appeal to the emotional core of an issue, and to persuade viewers using empathy, and sympathy. Simply put, you need to make the problem human. This can be achieved using personal anecdotes or even setting up a scenario that the audience can identify with.

It’s human nature to seek out shared experiences, and if you know how to reach out to people’s instincts to connect, then you will go a long way in not only engendering yourself and your product to them, but relating to them, and building a connection with them.