If you're in a country that has four seasons, winter is right close by. It is essential to allow your cat or dog to be as active as they can, however, the time spent outside is decreased during the colder months. 

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13 Dog Strollers The Best Strollers for Dogs

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The air is dryer, therefore it is essential to ensure that your pet is provided with plenty of freshwaters available whenever they want to. The pet might want to eat more food, but make sure that you don't let him gain weight this winter.

The idea of taking your dog to the park could require extra care as cold winter days bring snow, ice, and rain to the streets. Salt and ice can cause irritation and abrase the pads of the paws. 

If your pet doesn't have booties, the pads of his paws must be cleaned after walking. It's also the time where antifreeze can be found by animals. The delicious smell and flavor are tempting, but also hazardous. Frostbite, while rare, is still a possibility for our pets. 

Their noses, feet, ears, footpads, and tail tips are at risk if exposed to temperatures that are freezing. Using a pet stroller to take pets to vet visits, dog parks, the mall, or anywhere else is a good option to safeguard your pet from winter dangers.

Pet strollers come in various designs. There is a light stroller that folds up to make frequent trips into and out of your car as well as a heavier stroller you can use to run or take long walks on roads that are uneven.