Your child is going to school for the first time. How emotional right now! There's so much in your head. How will he adapt? How was he treated? Will he eat or drink enough? All of these questions can be summed up into one: How do you find the right preschool or parenting for your child? You can also browse this source:Childcare in Hornsby at Heritage House Early Learning Centres to find more information about the preschool services in Hornsby.

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Licensed children's centers and preschools: are any establishments that care for 13 or more children under the age of 14 for less than 24 hours.

1. Watch your instincts

You know your child best. Pay attention to any feelings of anxiety you experience during the visit or interview. Can you imagine your child in this environment? Are the toys and activities you watch the kind your child will enjoy?


2. Watch and listen

You can find out a lot by watching and listening to what's going on in the classroom. Do the children look happy and enjoy the activity? Does the teacher seem like someone you can trust for your child's health, happiness, and well-being? Is this a place where you would feel comfortable if your child were to spend hours every day?

3. Professional qualification

What is the primary teacher education level? Research shows that children whose teachers are more educated do better. Continuing education and training in pre-school education leads to better programs and positive outcomes for children. Formal education plus annual in-service training means a higher level of quality.