We all take for granted the work it takes to design and construct a kitchen, as we expect everything to just fit into the space. It actually takes hours of design work to make sure you are getting the best use of your space as we all know how limited floor space is especially in a smaller home. 

These will also include your equipment if you prefer to go for a built in kitchen if you want a smooth flush beauty to give you a built in kitchen. For more information about private kitchen for rent visit https://prepatx.com/kitchens.


When considering your kitchen design, the main thing is that you want there to be no wasted space. You cannot have many units in one place because it causes walkway problems, as well as blocking units that can block each other when they open. 

Below we go through the different units you are going to consider when designing your kitchen.

Single and Double Kitchen Wall Units

The majority of your kitchen units are going to be your single and double wall units as these are going to make up the general units of your kitchen.

Single and double units mean just that, singles having one door and doubles have two, giving you more space and a different aesthetic as you are going to have two handles in the middle rather than just on one side.

Kitchen Units Top Boxes

Top boxes can be described as one of the filler units we mentioned earlier, as they are often used above induction hoods to fill the space so you are still getting more storage space than you would without it.