In our enthusiasm to secure sales or leads from our new website and equally new PPC campaign, the core purpose of our efforts (more sales) and implementing an effective means of measuring performance may be inadvertently overlooked. 

The benefit of using Pay per click advertising is that you only pay your bid on a keyword or key phrase if customers click on the link to your ad in the search engine results.

Whilst impressions and clicks are an essential part of the process, it is a conversion that is the ultimate goal of an online marketer. In AdWords, conversion data will not be reported until the code is manually generated and correctly applied.

How to Set Up Conversion Tracking? In the top left corner of the account, the fourth tab from the left is labeled Tools and Analysis. From there, drop down to Conversions. Then on the Settings tab, a number of variables can be selected before the code is generated.

These include:-

the category of conversion you are tracking, namely a purchase, a lead, newsletter signup, or a view of a specific page; the option of page security types.

Either secure or non-secure can be chosen to align with the page. (This circumvents the possibility of your visitors being presented with an unnecessary security alert due to conflict with the code.