In our life, the opposite always happens, the person is seen as an isolated object with no relationship with others, and the problem is seen as the inability to have good relationships with other people, especially affective relationships and work and familiar situations.

In this way a person can be counted on to be excluded from his emotions and feelings, without the opportunity to change his life and attitude, especially his life in the hands of fate, without true control and freedom.

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On the other hand, psychogenealogy teaches us that everyone inherits certain biological and ancestral heritages, some sort of biological and emotional traits.

This system works like a spider web and we cannot understand and know these functions because it is not realized even in our daily decisions.

It works like a trap that avoids contact with our true desires and makes it impossible to find and feel the truth.

This is a clever and ingenious trap, because it is impossible to understand and prevent, and this ignorance creates many problems in our life, all our dissatisfaction, neuroses, mental disorders, illnesses, fears and conflicts originate from here: from ourselves.

All, it is important to be aware of this system and recognize the repetition of this mechanism in our lives, especially in our family tree from previous generations, to discover the behaviors and dynamics that occur in different lives that constitute real and emotional conflicts or pain that creates affective cells.