Direct-fed microbial (DFM) is a source of life, naturally occurring microorganisms utilized as feed additives within the dairy market. 

Direct-fed microbial (DFM)  is mainly composed of bacteria and live fungi (yeast) and is recommended for use in cows to reduce rumen dysfunction and the effects of feed-closure and feed efficiency, improving cow health and production performance.

 direct fed microbials

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Dairy cows normally have decreased feed consumption during the transition period, thus having a negative energy balance and making them more vulnerable to pathogen invasion or â pathogens. 

Dairy farmers normally change cows into a higher-grain diet immediately following calving to boost energy consumption, leading to a more polluted rumen environment.

These situations may warrant using DFM. Recent field research found that ingesting a DFM had significant improvements in milk yield and milk components and considerably reduced the requirement to take care of cows with antibiotics at second-lactation cows after calving.

Two earlier studies discovered more clear beneficial effects such as increased feed intake and milk yield and improvements in metabolic profiles.

This might have led to the higher beneficial reaction to DFM found in such studies. Dairy farmers Should Think about these things when choosing whether to utilize DFM in diets for transition cows, for example:

-Get all information about the composition of DFM products, including bacteria and recommended dosage strains.

-Understand whether the DFM product was evaluated by controlled research studies.