Wireframes are an element within the designing process in various industries. They are for many typically associated with 3D design, but an increasing number of electronic-learning designers use wireframes as an element of the design procedure.

If you meet those who are involved in creative industries like e-learning design, graphic design, or website design, they'll be able to relate the moment that they displayed the design to a customer which was the initial thing they focused on that they disliked! In the field of e-learning design, firstly the designs were shown to the customer and the main focus of the design was on the way it looks, not the way it functions.

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It's not unreasonable to believe that if you present the person a graphic design, they will react in this manner but will it be helpful when designing e-learning.

Many people use wireframes when designing. They are an excellent tool for the instructional designer, the customer as well as the graphic designer. They help to define how the e-learning course will be conducted and how the learner will work through the layout.

It's not unusual for an e-learning designer to take a brief, and then start right away with the images and hope it will be precisely what the customer would like.