Is HVAC Maintenance Paid?

Most people wouldn't even think about not changing the oil in their car. Maintaining your HVAC system is no different. By participating in a quality maintenance program, you reduce energy costs, extend device life, optimize comfort conditions, and increase system reliability. Just knowing that your equipment is working safely is peace of mind in itself. You can find the various companies for your HVAC maintenance from the web.

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Many companies use what I call "bug maintenance programs." In other words, "I'd be worried if it broke." We all know that this almost always happens at inopportune times, for example when the temperature is 20 minutes below zero or 95 degrees in the shade. This type of work with these items is also very difficult for your equipment and can cut its life in half. Maintenance is much cheaper than replacement.

Here are some of the savings you can expect from a quality support program:

Customize equipment workflow 25-35%

Cleaning coils 5-15%

Replacing the dirty air filter 10-15%

25-30% condenser coil decalcification

Set burner air/fuel ratio to 15%

15% burner cleaning

Removal of soot from the hot side of the stove 9%

V-belt slip removal and 15-20% roller alignment

Not to mention the money saved on disconnecting service calls.

So, if you haven't already set up an HVAC support program, you should have a serious talk with your local HVAC contractor about creating a program that fits your needs.