Interleukin-4 is a cytokine which induces differentiation in naive helper cells (Th0 to Th2 cells). The presence of IL-4 or IL-13, cytokines produced in a Th-2-type response, especially during allergy and parasitic infection, causes macrophages to become differentially activated. This cytokine acts as a ligand for the interleukin-4 receptor. Interleukin 4 receptor binds to IL13.

This may play a role in many of the overlapping functions of this cytokine with IL13. STAT6, which is a signal transducer/activator of transcription, plays a key role in the immune regulatory signal for this cytokine. You can buy high-quality human IL-4 Elisa kit via


Researchers recently discovered that IL-4, a cytokine, plays a crucial role in the development of innate CD8+ cells in the thymus in several gene-deficient mouse strains such as Itk, KLF2, CBP, and Id3, but without any previous exposure to antigen.

The Human IL-4 ELISA kit is an in vitro enzyme linked immunosorbent assay that measures the quantity of human IL-4 levels in serum, plasma and cell culture supernatants. IL-4 (Interleukin 4) a powerful lymphoid cell growth factor that stimulates certain B and T cells' growth and survival. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory factor that protects cells from intracellular pathogens. 

IL-4 plays a significant role in Th2 (T-helper cells) differentiation. It can also suppress pro-inflammatory mediators. Pemphigus is linked to IL-4. Mutations in this gene are linked to the risk of losing dental implants. Children might develop asthma or Mycoplasma pneumoniae infection from IL-4.