In 2020 global conditions have changed dramatically, due to the Covid virus. Because of the fear of leaving home, the comfort zone in the open world has become a challenge that must be faced on countless opportunities every day. In this way, it is better to learn the intermediate Quran class online via rather than to go into a world tormented by a virus.

Learning the Quran has become so much easier. On the other hand, people of all ages can study the Quran online with the same convenience and effectiveness. There are regular online Quran courses and there are hundreds of online teachers teaching every day. Learning Al-Quran Online is not just for kids; it is for everyone who wants to learn.

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However, like anything else, studying the Quran on the Internet has its advantages:

  • The practice of attending class is very important. Active participation in courses expands your thinking to get more information and faster. Remove any embarrassment you feel about the teacher and talk freely with him.
  • Online learning can be a little tricky for kids who have trouble completing assignments or focusing properly. The best way to deal with this is to create an environment where the motive is learning so you don't have distractions around you.
  • Online learning takes a lot of patience. Be patient and stick to your goals and God willing you will achieve them. Keep the spirit and cooperate with the teacher. Don't lose your heart too soon and stick with it.