Drug and alcohol addiction is the most upcoming problem in today's time. When a person gets addicted to substance abuse, we hope that one day he himself will give up the habit after realization, but that normally doesn't happen, even after so much pleading done by the family and friends.

Without professional guidance, sometimes it is not possible for a person to overcome drug or alcohol addiction. There are intervention programs offered by rehab centers to make the addict overcome the habit with willingness and a positive approach.

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Getting Back to Basics of Drug and Alcohol Addiction Cornerstone

The effective drug or alcohol addiction intervention does not involve forcing the drug-addicted person for a cure, but to change his attitude towards addiction. Until the person decides for himself this path of cure he cannot develop the will to lose this addiction of drug and alcohol.

An intervention can be about enlightening an individual about the effects of alcohol and drugs, one on one session with addict and laying of some goals for a change in behavior. Intervention service providers are the experts who have treated thousands of drug addict patients.

There are different phases that are involved in the intervention program offered by drug rehab that include:

* Pre-intervention meeting which involves the general question and answer round to analyze the psyche of the addict.

* Evaluating the right treatment where the best program is decided for the addict. There is a wide range of intervention treatment services made by drug rehabs, such as in-patient, out-patient, and different medical services.