When we think of apps, we think of tech geeks, yippee tech enthusiasts, or creative industries first, and we tend to develop apps that are appropriate for this group. If you are in the medical field then you also can buy ipads for hospitals.

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However, in reality, there is a whole world of iPad users who might be able to inspire us to create something else.

BCMon – Priced at $1.99, this is a great medical app for iPad that allows users to monitor their blood cholesterol levels on a daily basis. It contains tools for recording, editing, transferring data, calculating, and providing statistics.

BPMon – Like BCMon, BPMon, as you can imagine, monitors blood pressure on a daily basis. It contains tools for editing, recording, exporting data, calculating and compiling statistics and reports. 

BPMon also includes a 24-hour table for calculating the distribution of mean values, allowing easy entry of systolic and diastolic values and even creating 5-day summary reports.

Baby Connect – Anyone who has or will have a baby knows that it is a very stressful event. And all parents want to not only capture the best for their child but also as much of their child's youth as possible. This is Baby Connect. This is the best baby tracking app.

iCommunicate – This app is rated as a number in the medical app for providing multi-sensory schedules, creating questions, creating story cards, routines, and visual data for anyone with autism.

My Medical – Have you ever had a medical checkup only to run out of records? Well, there is no such problem with My Medical for iPad. This app keeps all your personal medical information safe and secure.