Bamboo Kitchen towels can be used to dry hands in the bathroom, toilet or kitchen, dry spilled liquids, or clean anything from windows to floors.

Due to their absorbency, strength and convenience, paper towels are most commonly used in kitchens and are found next to the kitchen sink in most homes and offices across the country for drying dishes, drying hands, and drying kitchen leftovers. Absorbent bamboo kitchen towels are also easily available online.

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Besides being comfortable, this bamboo towel is also hygienic because it is disposable and can only be used once to avoid the spread of germs that can occur in shared towels. Anyone who has ever used paper towels in their life knows that kitchen bamboo paper towels are disposable and convenient, but why are they so absorbent?

Bamboo paper towels can hold more liquid than a napkin or handkerchief, and if you've ever tried cleaning up spills with a napkin or cloth, you know it! The reason kitchen paper can hold so much liquid is that, unlike napkins, the paper that makes up paper towels is lightly woven, which allows water to flow between the paper fibres inside the towel.

If you buy bamboo paper towels from a grocery store, or online, you may find that there are many different types of paper towels available. All these wipes have different levels of absorbency depending on the coating, cellulose, creping and embossing. Now that you understand why these different brands have different absorbency, you can become a more informed consumer.