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The Lithium Ion Battery Advantages

Li-ion batteries for instance ones that have the lithium cobalt oxide cathode could provide a little more capacity. But, they're also more reactive due to the less thermal capabilities. Another option that is highly recommended is iron lithium phosphate. The life span of their products is about four times longer. 

Lithium-ion or Li-ion battery is among the many kinds that rechargeable batteries are available. In the process of discharge, the lithium ions move from the anode towards the cathode and back again. Learn more about the benefits of lithium-ion batteries.

How do these batteries function?

Different types of lithium-ion batteries use various cathodes. The cathodes are composed of lithium molecules. 

In general, the anodes are composed of carbon. Similar to other types of batteries the chemical reactions that take place between the cathode and anode and electrolyte create electricity. 

Here are the advantages of lithium-ion batteries:

Smaller and lighter:

They're light but have more capacity than other batteries available. So, they are typically utilized in portable devices with physical specifications such as size and shape are crucial factors.

Energy Density

Lion batteries are denser in terms of energy than other kinds which means you will have more capacity, regardless of size. 

This is the reason why they are the best option for devices that consume a lot of power like laptops and smartphones. As technology advances, we'll see higher capacity batteries in the future.

Is the Future for Lithium Ion Batteries?

The news about lithium-ion batteries has been high-profile over the past few months. It is now clear that significant progress was made in increasing their charge capacity, and their connection with electric cars grows closer. Pike Research, a well-known research group in the field of new energy, today released a report that suggests that lithium-ion battery sales could increase significantly over the next eight-year.

lithium ion batteries

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What is the expected sales figure for lithium-ion batteries?

Research suggests that 2012 sales of $1.6billion will rise to nearly $22billion in 2020, as electric technology and especially light-duty vehicles become more popular. This technology has received a lot of attention in the past few weeks because it is clear that both battery and electric car manufacturers are ready to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in this technology.

Why did I make such a sudden leap?

Although electric car sales were disappointing in 2012, many believe that the global economy is to blame, 2013 promises a new era of battery technology. There has been too much investment in the market for electric vehicles and lithium-ion batteries to make a reversal. Government policies now aim to reduce environmental damage and introduce more efficient transport methods.

Lithium-ion batteries are the preferred power source for electric vehicles and will continue to be so in the future.

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