It is true, destination marriages are in fashion today. What specifically is a destination wedding? In simple terms, it is a marriage away from hometown, only two of you or with family and friends. It can be as simple or complex, cheap, or luxurious as you wish.

Okay, so it's the wedding trend of the day, but, is it easier to plan? The answer to this question, of course, is up to you, and how you want luxurious or unique your wedding to be. To find more about the destination wedding in Jamaica visit

destination wedding

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Here are the steps for planning the destination "I Do. "

Step One: Who will participate?

Before you can plan your destination wedding, you have to decide who you are going to invite as your guest list can sometimes reduce your choice of destinations.

It might also be time constraints for your guests. Some people just can not take time off to attend your wedding on a tropical island, then they might be able to attend a wedding which is a few hours away.

Step Two: When the wedding will take place?

If both plan your wedding in the vacation time at work, so too can dictate where you have your destination wedding. If your holiday time is during hurricane season, you can skip Cancun and opt for the beaches as in Jamaica.

Step Three: Develop a wedding budget

When considering your budget, you should consider travel expenses and expenses related to marriage. You should also plan on the cost of accommodation, meals during your stay, and even the things you want to do there.