Meetings occur when two or more people get together. There are meetings everywhere in the world of work. As opposed to a trade show or team building, a meeting is a general term that can be used to describe any time people meet. What happens to an event? Meetings and events are like rectangles and squares. If all events are meetings, not all meetings are events. Meetings are usually held for educational or business purposes, although the scope and purpose of the event may vary. If a game of basketball can be considered an event, it is not a game.

Meetings are held to communicate something, for business or educational purposes. There may be new initiatives, project updates, or staff training. Meetings occur when a common goal can be achieved most effectively, either in practice or in person. However, there are so many companies that provide 'conference scheduling facilities'

Planning Meeting Agenda for 2021: Conduct an Effective Planning Session

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Common reasons for holding a meeting:

  • Announcing new initiatives or organizational changes
  • Let's work together and create something new
  • Face challenges and find out how to solve them
  • Start project
  • Clarify or set expectations

Meeting Types:

Team building meeting:

The purpose of this meeting is to establish a network of colleagues and strengthen the work culture. A team that is respected and understood will work better together. Team building meetings can retain employees and generate greater loyalty. 

Inspirational Meeting:

Sometimes the sales team needs a little chat. Sometimes marketing needs to be inspired by industry leaders. Inspirational meetings are held to foster an energy boost and involve staff who may be in crisis. Try to make this meeting more interactive.