Every woman can look beautiful if she follows certain tips to improve her appearance. This applies to taller women as well as other people. As we've learned from celebrity beauties like Delta Burke and Oprah, there's a lot more to greatness than your size.

Far from being the awkward and colorful dresses of a few years ago, the big fashion tops are now being made by top designers in a variety of colors, fabrics, and sizes. Plus-size fashion tops that fit make the bathrobe a winner for a fraction of the price of an elegant dinner. Take a look at these tips to find the right size for your fashion top. You can also buy floral print silk blouses & tops online via Estela Rosso a well-known online company that sells several fashion tops in several varieties.

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The most basic rule to keep in mind when choosing plus size tops is this: think vertically, not horizontally. "Thinking vertically" means looking for patterns that draw the eye up and down from top to bottom. Two easy ways to achieve this effect are vertical stripes and thick, parallel buttons on the front of the blouse. This vertical pattern gives you a thinner look.

It is important to choose the right size for your body. Try to find a fashionable top that will shape your body and show your curves. Don't choose tops that are too tight, as this will reveal problem areas and make you feel very confident. However, you certainly don't want a top that is too wide. Just because you get added value doesn't mean you have to hide who you are. If you choose the right size, fashion tops can show your figure in a very elegant and stylish way.