Appraisal reports are a critical component to most real estate deals. Whether you buy for cash, fix up the property, and refinance or whether you just buy it and finance it from the start you'll find that most lenders will require an appraisal. As the borrower you want the assessment to be as high as possible to minimize the amount of money that has to get out of your pocket and optimize the probability that the lender comes up against the report and finance your property as planned. You can check out the more information about property appraisal in Houston at

But – all evaluators are not created equally. Some are better at work than others. And when a market quickly goes from top to bottom, an evaluation work is quite delicate. So, not only should you carefully consider the evaluation report, you may even want to play an active role in the evaluation by talking with the evaluator and explaining:

You can do some extra things in this area depending on the extent of the work you have done. You can include before and after images and you can also include invoices to show costs. You can also browse the evaluator and explain what you did and how it usually affects the value of the region.