Biomedical research is constantly reaching new and advanced stages, relying not only on well-designed and effective tissue collections but also on innovative techniques that protect the bioassay's natural environment.

As with FFPE and frozen specimens, fresh tissue collections under IRB approval were obtained as surplus during operation. With fresh tissue collection, as the name suggests, there is no tissue fixation, which is why this format is chosen for primary cell isolation or 3D culture. 

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They know how important it is to provide researchers with fresh, high-quality tumor tissue and they will help you design and implement your collection as efficiently as possible.

With regard to fresh networking, the details and protocols for collection and processing vary widely, depending on the final destination and the desired product. The fresh tissue can be ground or whole and collected in a carrier solution or saline solution of your choice. All acquisition steps can be tailored to suit your needs.

They offer a wide variety of fresh cancer tissue, lymph node tissue, adjacent normal tissue, and flexible options for special collections.

Shipping of Fresh Tissues

We understand the sensitivity of fresh tissue samples and pay particular attention to their delivery arrangements. Wet wipes can be shipped at room temperature or in the refrigerator and in the container or stand of your choice.

They strive to make your collection and delivery as comfortable as possible and we take into account any special requirements you may have.