Along with all of the amazing new technology comes a whole new set of challenges. These in turn spark new alternatives and new developments that are the character of technology and how we progress. 

One of my favorite technologies is remote access programs. Though it's relatively easy, it could do wonders. The capability to control and access computers remotely is really a very strong thing. Although there are possibly thousands of applications for this, here are my favorites:

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Getting Your Work Computer From Home

In Australia, among the chief reasons why this application became popular is to get the millions of office workers all around the world to obtain access to their work computers remotely. Who knows the number of hours and weekends wasted with individuals going all of the ways into the office to look at an email or send you. It may all be done remotely and on top of that, it is a perfect simulation of the server PC that will cause you to feel as though you're correct there.

Online Tech Support

Even though the industrial use of this remains in its infancy, many large businesses are already using it. What it enables a group of IT specialists to do would be to get the computers of the employees from a distant site. Rather than needing to be"on-site", they could fix any IT problem their customers may have on the opposite side of the earth. This permits businesses to have a centralized IT service and also outsource it entirely.

In Australia, the application and potential of remote access applications are infinite. In the past 3 years, that program actually exploded in popularity and now lots of the big-name software developers are in on the activity. One thing is for certain, it's just getting better.