It is a very good idea to invest in solar energy because it invariably proves beneficial for the user in terms of saving electricity. However, there are a colossal number of things that are imperative to take into account and take action accordingly.

To begin with, As soon as your solar system is installed and turned off, contact your electricity provider. Although before the installment of solar panels you can also get more information about solar panels from Solar Quote.

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They will ask you to fill out a solar connection form and provide documents showing that your system has been installed by a licensed professional.

Your meter may also need to be updated or reconfigured to measure solar radiation. Lastly, you need a power plan that offers rates for solar power.

Solar electricity tariff warning

You save more on your electricity bill than just a cheap rate for solar power! We encourage you to double-check the fine print before approving.

Some retailers may require that you purchase solar panels through them; Some can compensate for higher FIT by increasing shipping costs or usage rates.

There are a few other important things to note; So check out our best feed feature on rates for more information. In short, the best electricity plan for the grid is not necessarily the one with the cheapest electricity tariff.

Time variable or unit rate?

With multiple power providers, you can choose amid variable time and single-speed FiT. With a time-based plan, your FIT is usually divided into peak, off-peak, and shoulder. If you put solar energy into the grid at peak times, you'll get a higher FIT.