Isn’t it intriguing how a Robotic arm in a Factory successfully repeats its activity again and again without any mistakes also how can a Milling machine move with such precision? It is all because of a Stepper Motor. A Stepper Motor is a simple, accurate, and open-loop system that can control the Angular Position of the Rotor. But how does it achieve to move precisely in discrete steps? Let us look at its working Principle.

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Principle of Working

Three main things are involved with the working of the Stepper motor

  1. Stator
  2. Rotor
  3. Stator Winding

The stator has teeth on which a wire is a coil and the rotor is either some metallic substance or a permanent magnet. The Motor is made functional by supplying electricity to specific coils on the stator and this rotates the rotor and brings it to a specific position, this process is repeated until the desired position is achieved by the rotor.

The running properties and the Torque of the motor are controlled by three Stepper Drives or Excitation levels on which the Steeper motor Operates. For example, the PoStep25-32 uses an integrated circuit that has integrated FETs and can provide up to 2.5A, unlike the PoStep60-256 which uses external FETs and can provide up to 6 Amps.