Talcum Powder and Mesothelioma Cases

Litigation is continuing in talcum powder suits that maintain cosmetic or industrial talc infected by asbestos directed to mesothelioma. As of April 2018, juries had given over $153 million in talcum powder claims.

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talcum powder cancer

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Individuals who registered these situations assert inhalation of talcum powder directed them to develop lung and mesothelioma disease.

Why/How does talcum powder trigger mesothelioma?

It's been ascertained that pure talcum powder doesn't result in mesothelioma. Rather, mesothelioma may occur if asbestos fibers are inhaled.

This produces a problem as controversy arises which brands and types of talcum powder might have been contaminated with asbestos.

Asbestos is the primary source of mesothelioma, however, a few suits assert that without or with asbestos contamination, talc may also result in the illness.

Plaintiffs cite studies which demonstrate the association between talc and mesothelioma, largely one by Hull and coworkers published in 2002, based on Claims & Litigation Management Alliance. 

The analysis found that talc miners and millers in New York developed mesothelioma from talc even without asbestos contamination.

In 2006, a guy who worked at a pottery studio registered the initial talc mesothelioma instance. He maintained exposure to talc created by Vanderbilt contributed to his mesothelioma investigation. He died during the lawsuit, but his widow received $3.35 million.