Steel beams are structural steel products that can support large loads. Stee l beams are available in a variety of sizes and types. This allows them to be used in different areas, such as the construction and maintenance of buildings and structures. The beams' geometry, size, and shape will depend on the specifications of the structure. These beams are either straight or curved.

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Types of steel beams

Types of steel beams that are based on support

  • Supported beams: These beams can be rotated freely and are supported at their ends.
  • Fixed beams: These beams are fixed at the ends and cannot rotate.
  • Beams that hang over the support beam: This type of beam extends beyond its support.
  • Double overhanging beams are: They extend beyond the supports at both ends.
  • Continuous beam: Continues to extend for at least two supports.

Different types of beams depending on the geometry

  • Straight beam: It is, as the name implies, straight.
  • Curved beam
  • Tapered beam: This beam features a tapered cross-section.

Types of beams that are based on cross-sections

  • I-beam: Also called the Standard American Beam or junior beam. It has an I-cross section.
  • T-beam: This beam, as the name suggests, has a T crosssection.
  • Channels: Also called C beams, these beams are also known as channels. They have a cross-section of C.

Uses of beams

  • They are used to support roof structures and house frames.
  • These are used to protect structures from severe weather conditions.