What Is The Express Entry?

Before moving to Canada permanently, you will need to fill out a form called an Express Entry Application Form. First, this application form is considered a portal to Canada and is also a preliminary stage for obtaining permanent residence. You can also take help from Canadian Immigration Services to achieve the dream in your hands.

How Canada Express Entry Program Work - Immigration Ways

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Canadian Express entry from India has to go through several stages to confirm your desire to live in Canada. These includes:

Registration Form:

The main and first express entry stage is the application form which immigrants must correctly fill out. This application form provides information about the family, occupation, education, and age of immigrants. So if you misinform your work or family, you can break away from your dream of permanent residence in Canada.


After filling out the Express Entry Canada application form from India, the next step is the pool. The Canadian Immigration Service can use the pool to build a list of individuals who have applied for permanent residence as needed. Once selected for the pool, immigrants have 60 days to prepare their documents and revise the resulting application forms so that they can obtain permanent residence without risk.


After the application and incorporation forms, the third step is ranking. Authorities India Express Entry to Canada denotes a dot on the profile that appears on the Express Entry Application Form. These points help achieve a good ranking in a list or pool of immigrants. 


The selection round is considered the final stage in applying for a permanent residence permit in Canada. The selection circle is also known as a pull system. In this system, the profiles that have generated good reviews and are in the top rankings are selected by the panel. Selected profile applicants will then be asked to apply for permanent residence in Canada.